Short funny family stories part 2

The best short funny family stories part 2. 

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Brown-skinned Baby

A nurse brought a beautiful brown-skinned baby into the waiting room and asked the only man pacing, “Is this yours?”

The man said, “It must be. My wife burns everything!”


BROWN-SKINNED BABY – Short funny family stories

Getting Married

One Sunday morning William burst into the living room and said, “Dad! Mom! I have some great news for you! I am getting married to the most beautiful girl in town. She lives a block away and her name is Susan.

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After dinner, William’s dad took him aside. “Son, I have to talk with you. Your mother and I have been married 30 years. She’s a wonderful wife but she has never offered much excitement in the bedroom, so I used to fool around with women a lot. Susan is actually your half-sister, and I’m afraid you can’t marry her.”

William was heart-broken. After eight months he eventually started dating girls again. A year later he came home and very proudly announced, “Diane said yes! We’re getting married in June.”

Again his father insisted on another private conversation and broke the sad news. “Diane is your half-sister too, William. I’m awfully sorry about this.”

William was furious! He finally decided to go to his mother with the news. “Dad has done so much harm. I guess I’m never going to get married,” he complained. “Every time I fall in love, Dad tells me the girl is my half-sister.”

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His mother just shook her head. “Don’t pay any attention to what he says, dear. He’s not really your father.”

Looking Through the Family Album

A young boy was looking through the family album and asked his mother,

“Who’s this guy on the beach with you, with all the muscles and curly hair?”

“That’s your father,” said the mother.

The boy seemed astonished as he said to his mom, “Then who’s that old bald-headed fat man that lives with us now?”

Happiest Hour

During their silver anniversary, a wife reminded her husband: “Do you remember when you proposed to me, I was so overwhelmed that I didn’t talk for an hour?”

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The husband replied: “Yes, honey, that was the happiest hour of my life.”

A Boy Goes to a Strip Club

A boy goes to a strip club.

His mum gets angry and asks him: “Did you see anything there that you were not supposed to see?”

Boy: “Yes, I saw dad.”

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