The Hottest New Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Trends

With a new year comes new trends in beauty, fashion and lifestyle — so it’s out with the old and in with the new. Jane Buckingham from Trendera is here to help “Good Morning America” get ahead of the curve with the hottest new trends for 2016 /2017.


2015: Ombre Hair There was Ombre and Sombre and every color on the tips of our tresses. Celebs from Jessica Alba to Jessica Biel to Christy Tiegen all looked gorgeous in their multi-hued looks.

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2016: Glitter Roots But if getting to the salon regularly is tricky for you, this is a good trend to try. Just grab some glitter and some gel and go back to your roots! This will make anyone sparkle but offers a temporary fun change of hair looks.

2015: The Bold Brow If you had over-plucked and were walking the thin eyebrow line, then 2015 was not for you as beauty trends were all about the full brow. But don’t worry. We’re moving beyond that trend now.

2016: The Big Lip From outrageous lip colors to lip tattoos to Kylie Jenner’s lip kits, 2016 will be all about your pucker, pout and a bright bold lip.

2015: The Midi Ring Gone are the days of putting a simple ring on it. 2015 was all about wearing multiple rings on the top of your finger, in the middle of the knuckle, and below the knuckle.

2016: The Palm Bracelet Just like the ring got relocated, the bracelet is no longer satisfied sitting daintily on the wrist. Instead, expect to find them in the middle of the palm, making the hand decked out and adorned.

2015: The Cut Out Dress It seemed the less of the dress you wore, the trendier it was in 2015! From side cut outs to back cut outs, 2015 showed that less was sometimes more.

2016: The X Line Neck For 2016, X will mark the spot in fashion – on your neck that is! Look for lots of X necklines to dominate women’s wear.

2015: Platforms We all wanted to get a little taller and bring out our inner 1970s child, and what’s better than three-inch platforms to help you do it.

2016: Flatforms But ouch! After a year of partying in platforms, we thank Rihanna’s trendy Puma Creeper shoes for making the flatform the must-have item and the hottest shoe trend for 2016, with all of the height and none of the incline.

2015: The Mini Crossbody The ubiquitous mini-crossbody bag was so cute and chic; but how one could carry more than a flip phone and a $20 bill in it was anybody’s guess. And sometimes, a girl’s just got to carry her laptop.

2016: The Statement Bag Forget wearing your heart on your sleeve or your views on your t-shirt. 2016 will bring your clever personality and feelings to your handbag. From bags shaped like French fries to poodles, to popcorn to Paris, handbags will literally lighten up.

2015: Color – Marsala While I do love marsala, I prefer it in chicken rather than in colors. But who can argue with Pantone’s 2015 color of the year, when it was such a robust and earthy wine red?

2016: Color – Rose Quartz and Serenity The stronger bolder shades of 2015 will give way to cooler colors now that Pantone has picked rose quartz and serenity (a more tranquil blue) as their colors of the year. Perhaps we are all looking for a little bit of calm and serenity in our lives?

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