Funny short stories for adults part 2

Funny short stories for adults part 2

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>>> Funny stories for adults

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A guy approaches a prostitute on the street and asks her, “How much?” She replies, “$100 if I lay down and $75 if I stand up.” He asks what the difference is, and she tells him, “it’s my hairdresser’s fee!”

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>>> Funny short stories for adults

Cold Balls

Three blondes are talking about their boyfriends. “It’s funny,” says Samantha, “Peter’s balls are always cold as ice when I’m giving him a blowjob!” “You know what?” replies Jenny, “It’s exactly the same with my Richard!” They turn to the third blonde and ask: “When you blow Chris, are his balls cold, also?” “Ugh! That’s disgusting! I never put his thing in my mouth!” “You’re crazy,” one of the blondes pipes up. “A good blowjob is the best way to keep a guy! You should try it!” She says she’ll think about it. The next morning, they meet at the cafe and the blowjob novice is sporting a wicked shiner. “Whoa!” the first blonde asks, “How did you get that black eye?!” “Chris hit me when I was blowing him,” she said. “What on earth for?!” the second blonde asks.

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Funny short stories for adults part 3

“I don’t know,” she replies. “All I did was tell him how strange it was that his balls were so warm, seeing as Pete and Richard’s are so cold!”

How is a woman like an airplane?

How is a woman like an airplane?

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-Both have cockpits.


The nervous young bride became irritated by her husband’s lusty advances on their wedding night and reprimanded him severely. “I demand proper manners in bed,” she declared, “just as I do at the dinner table.” Amused by his wife’s formality, the groom smoothed his rumpled hair and climbed quietly between the sheets. “Is that better?” he asked, with a hint of a smile.” “Yes,” replied the girl, “much better.” “Very good, darling,” the husband whispered. “Now would you be so kind as to please pass the pussy.”

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